Real Estate

Briarcrook Crescent, Mississauga

This project in the Applewood Community required full staging as well as some preliminary work like painting, carpet replacement, new light fixtures and other minor cosmetic upgrades.  This property is yet another example of why staging is So important!  A small investment can garner a Huge profit! In this case, the home sellers were able to get 110% of their asking price!

The biggest transformation for this property was how much Lighter and Brighter the home felt once we were done.  This was achieved by changing the colour palette to soft Neutral Tones and Light Pale Hues. Starting with the curb appeal, much was done to get this home market-ready.  Through the use of mirrors, glass and chrome the home was made to look and feel larger and more open. Rooms were repainted, de-cluttered and new light fixtures were added.

A great transformation!