One of the questions we ask ourselves before any project is how will our clients feel when they walk into their home for the first time and see the end result?  A successful Jade Home Design is about unfolding beauty and bringing out a room’s best potential.  A home should unfold like a story and create an experience for those who enter it.  It should deliver a sense of serenity, harmony and peace.  Our goal is to find that perfect balance. A balance created through a soft and calming palette with splashes of colour, organic finishes and elegant furniture and accessories.

As a company, Jade Home Design Group aims to achieve the ultimate in client satisfaction which has assured us growth in the Home Renovation and Design industry.

What ever your style and regardless of budget or size, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. What ever your needs, our group of professionals will provide you with exceptional service and value.  We will educate you and empower you with knowledge to ensure that you are engaged in the process.  We will make sure that it is a satisfying, friendly and comfortable experience.  We will strive to gain your trust and deliver nothing but the most positive results.

The reason why it works so well for us is because we love what we do… We are passionate about “creating beautiful spaces, one fine detail at a time!”